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100 Truths About Me :)

100 truths about Me, Myself, Fatin Zulaikha :)

Name :
Fatin Zulaikha binti Zulkifli


Male or female :

Elementary school :
Sekolah Kebangsaan Pekan Nanas ( 2000 - 2005 )

Highschool :
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato' Mohd Yunos Sulaiman Pekan Nanas ( 2006 -2010 )

College :
just wait and see

Hair Colour :

Tall or Short :
Short for sure cute :)

Sweat or Jeans :
Jeans! easy and simple.

Phone or Camera :

Both, I want Satio n DSLR or camera masuk air . oh no, Apple laptop.

Health freak :
Not sure lol .

Orange or Apple :
Orange just nice . Blackcurrent also .

Do you have a crush on someone? :
Yes. My beloved stalker <3

Eat or Drink :

I eat when hungry, drink when thirsty

Piercings :
One on my left ear, one on my right ear. One on my pusat . haha

Pepsi or Coke :
Pepsi. But I'd prefer to have Ribena :P


Been in an Airplane : Yes, when I fly to Switzerland.
Been in a Relationship : Long time ago. but now I am Single :)
Been in a Car Accident : Yes, when I was 1 year old. but luckily nothing goes to me.
Been in a Fist Fight : No no no . Tapi kalau nak try bole kan ??


First Household Chore : 
Sidai kain. for almost everyday I'll do this job yaww .

First Best Friend : 
Siapa yaa ? ouhhh Nurafiqah , Eyja Lukman , Aervina, Farhah Aqilah. besties on standard 6.

First Award : 
I got number 5 in my examination on standard 1. dapat anugerah nilam ( Form 5 ) ade lagii but tak bape nak engat .

First Crush : 
haha , too much nak list dekat sini .

First Word : 
Not remember, I'll ask my mother first... she said, " Ma " :) how sweet I am right ? haha

First Section : 
What kind of section ? LOL

Last person you talked to in person : 
Boonga Lili . maybe

Last person you texted : 
Hanif . but he left me then pergi kenduri kawen . damnn

Last person you watched a movie with : 
Angah and Ajieq ( my sweet cousins )

Last food you ate : 
Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe with fries . ( lunch with Along, cik Aren n lilttle Haqq )

Last movie you watched : 
Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah. eh no, Rapunzel maybe. forgot.

Last song you listen to : 
If I'm Not Here Tomorrow - Brea Lawrenson <3

Last thing you bought :
my scarf with big ribbon. and head band ala ala Gypsy gurl.

Last person you hugged : 
My mother for sure.


Food : My mom's cooking. tom yam .
Drink : Fresh Orange laaa . freshy juicy .
Bottoms : 
My PDI pants with smurf .
Flower : Cherry Blossoms :P
Animal : My lovely supper fatty white cat. Mr Kenit .
Colour : White, Pink, Lilac, Blue oceans, Smooth green.
Movie : Romantic, Comedy, Action.
Subject : English for sure. coz suke berangan nak speak English fluently. ( Google Translate will help us )

Put an X in the Bracket if YES

[X] falling in love with someone
[  ] celebrate Halloween
[X] had your heart broken
[X] went over the minutes/ texts on your cellphone
[X] had someone question my sexual orientation 
[  ] got pregnant
[  ] had an abortion
[X] did something i regret
[X] broke a promise
hide a secret 
[X] pretend to be happy 
met someone who changed your life 
[X] pretend to be sick
[  ] left the country
[X] try something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
[X] cried over the silliest thing
[X] ran a mile 
[  ] went to the beach with your best friend
[X] got into an argument with your friend 
hated someone 
[X] stayed single for a whole year


Eating : No. nothing to eat.
Drinking : Mango juice.
Listening to : Brea Lawrenson songs.
Siting or Lying : Sitting up straight on my mother kitchen.
Plans for Today : It's night already, nothing to plan. sleep for sure.
Waiting : Nothing to wait. " ouhh shit, I'm sleepy already "


Want kids ? : Of course! 4 maybe. 2 boys 2 gurl. woww :P
Want to Get Married Or course, with my future hubby.
Career : I want to further my study anywhere as long as i get the course that I like the most.


Lips or Eyes : 

Eyes. I always dream to have a beautiful eyes with long eyelashes

Shorter or Taller : 

Taller than me. just nice. tade lah senget sebelah kalau jalan berdua. auwww :P

Romantic or Spontaneous : 

Spontaneous! but romantic also can baby.

Nice Stomach or Nice Arms : 

Tummy laaaa .

Hook-up or Relationship : 

Relationship for sure . kan best ?

Looks or Personality : 

Personality is more attractive compared to good looking face.


Lost Glasses / Contacts : 
Saya tak rabun laa . haha .

Held a Gun / Knife for Self Defense : 
ermmm never think about that .

Killed Somebody : 
Yes. semalam.

Broken Somebody's Heart : 
Yes. My mother's heart. sorry maa , but, men always broke my heart .

Been in Love : 
Yeahhh but it's totally bullshit, fucking damn asshole . ouhh I really mean it. hell yeah ?

Cried When Someone Died : 
I cry when I know my father had left me alone.


Yourself : Of course. No one I believe the most compared to myself.

Miracles : Definitely. Nothing impossible babe.

Love at First Sight : No. I don't think so. for me laahhhh .

Heaven : Yes. Of course. For sure.

Santa ClausYes. Dalam movie salu tunjuk pakcek tua misai puteh nih.

SuperstitionIt's a no no no guys. 

Kiss on the First Date : Haha one more damn question. Love your dignity please ?


Is there one person you want to be with right now?
My beloved father. My mother for sure.

Do you know who your real friends are?
Yes I do . but ....

Do you believe in God?
Definitely I believe in my God . Allah SWT .

Post as 100 truths?
Entah lah . haha :)

the ordinary writer ,

Suka entry nie ? Like lah. Lagi baik komen sekali. Terima Kasih :)


a i s h i t e r u ™ said...

awww. sukeeeee post niee <3 hihihi.

cik sakura :) said...

suke yea ? ape kate kalau awak pon buad entry neh jugak , hee

mifirara said...

wow smart lhaa fatin...
like ini :)

cik sakura :) said...

thanx kak mira . like eh ? heee :P

parlee de poupee said...

myfirst comment ever (:
hahaaa ..
jwpn ko
totally truth ^^

cik sakura :) said...

mimi - hahaha pasnie ko kene salu follow belog akuh , mmmm truth ea ? haha

a i s h i t e r u ™ said...

hihi buat entry dngan soalan yangg same ea? then Ikaa jawab? begitukah? huhuu :)

cik sakura :) said...

ikaa - yupss darlingg . exactly :)

abah dan mak haqq said...

panjangnya.... :P

cik sakura :) said...

mak haqq - tetibe rajen . tu lh pasal . haha