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I got it I got it I got it !!!

Assalamualaikum and Hye Guys :)

Well hello there world !!! Ya ya ya am I looking so excited now ? Can you take a look into my eyes. My face. Yeayyy I was very very happy right now. I was keep smiling from yesterday until now. Senyum lebar sampai telinga. Okayh tipu. I dunno why. Why ? Should I tell you ? Should I share this news with you ? Of course I will. Haha :)

Let me start but for those doesn't want to know what I'm gonna tell you now I think you should better leave. Aku tanak nanti at last kau menyampah or saying that I'm too kepochii and " eleyh, tu pon nak citer, kecoh lah engkau " Okayh. Byebye fellows :)

Yesterday, around 6.25pm if I'm not mistaken, I got a message from number I dunno who, telling me to check whether I was selected to attend an interview at UiTM or not. But on that time I was sleeping and I thought that message was from my Jimmy then I'd just ignored it until my mother came back from work and wake me up. My face really looks like Kak Limah with messy hair on that time. But then, after I taking my bath, I watched tv and suddenly I realized that I haven't read the message that I got earlier. I quickly get my cell and read it with very annoying face.

Then, I was thinking, Ouhh what kind of message I'd just got ?? That message told me to check if I was selected to attend an interview or not from the website given. I quickly switched on my desktop and copy the link given on my phone, paste it and go ! Detdetdet, I waited for it with very patience. I'd never being so patience like that. Damn. I recite the doa and I hope there's a luck for me. Yeahh pretty much forever.

Maybe God loves me. After I write down my ic number there, and the link was open face to face with me, I was very very very I dunno how to say. Yes for sure I was very much extremely happy. ihiks. I said, " Wowww. I got it. I got it. I got it. " And I smiling to everyone in my house. Yeaaaaa I'm so fucking happy and thanks to God for giving me this opportunity. I'd quickly send a message to my very closed cousin, Along for this good news. I put it as my status on facebook and I got so much positive feedback from my beloved friends. They told me to go to the interview and try my luck. Get or not is back story. Most important thing I have try it. Yeaaaa insyaAllah I'll go for it guys !!!

I'm proud with my self. Now, I'm currently doing some research and resume to bring it along. Everything was from God. I'm just planned for it and He decisive it. I'm doing all this just because of my mother. I want to make her proud and feel very lucky to have a very good daughter like me. Yea. Haha :) 

For sure now I want all of you to pray for me, wish me luck and get to be a part of Asasi TESL UiTM student 2011 intake. I really want it !!! Please......... Share with me if you have experience being interviewed for TESL. Share tawwww :D

This really make me happy. Haha. Eh forgot something to share, I just want to say that I'll be deal with JPJ tester for my driving license and yeaahhhhh I hope I'll pass it woth flying colours. Haha. Wish me luck again !!! Harap-harap abang JPJ tu nanti hensem mcm Zahiril Adzim. Ohh wait, is there a handsome or good looking JPJ tester ? Without very long mustache and scary voice ?? For sure not. Eh how come I can compraed and make the same between my sweetheart Zahiril with JPJ tester ? Yeahh I'm a bad girlfriend. Sorry sayang :)

p/s - I know my English wasn't very good enough but I'm promise I'll be improving them for this TESL !!! InsyaAllah. I really want to speak in English very fluently. I hope I will. Haha.

I'm currently having some technical problem with my shoutbox. So, somebody please help me to recover it !!!! Rimas tawukkkk whenever I click on it and they do some cat walk on my blog. Shit right ?

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Suka entry nie ? Like lah. Lagi baik komen sekali. Terima Kasih :)


Miss Dill said...

good luck, babe!

Miss Dill^^

yayaGUITARloves said...

ehh camne nak check status permohonan ehh ?

eyjalukman said...

heyy babe , kak fiqa hani tesl , ce try tnye .

amir said...

how'd the interview went? any luck?

cik sakura :) said...

thanx a lot miss dill :)

cik sakura :) said...

yaya , i dah send dekat fb you taww :)

cik sakura :) said...

eyja. dah taye die daaa ihiks ~

cik sakura :) said...

amir - hahaha so far so gud, but maseh belum tahu result nye lagik.