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Last word from me - Faizzal

Hey Sweetheart, thanks again for coming to my life. I don't have idea what to say to you sayanggg. You know what you're really special for me and this will never have with another girls. Everytime I see you i feel like wow! she's mine and I really thanks to God that he gave me the best ever creatures to me and I will take care it till forever. From my child life till I'm 20years now I never have feel to girl till I found you. You are so different then you change me up to caring person and always want to be love. You are so perfect to me sayangg. I'll do anything for you as long you stay with me till forever. My love only for you sayangg not for others. Every human have a different attitude and you that I found before. You totally absolutely BEST!!! for me. Remember and I promise to you that I will love you for a thousand year. I'll take care of you and the important things is I will replace your father place I swear sayanggg. I'm afraid too much that you'll leave me one day but I trust you that you will never leave me because you're only my FATIN ZULAIKHA. Last word from me I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! SO MUCH SAYANGGG!! AND THANKS AGAIN SAYANGG FOR COMING TO MY LIFE :)

me love you so much sayangg #FatinZulaikha

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