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Tropical Spice Garden!!

(Cont'd) Kami pun sampai kt Tropical Spice Garden. Tak mahal pon nk masuk cuma Myr 28.00 ringgit utk dua orang. Everything is wonderful there. Firstly, nak masuk diaorg bagi lotion supaya nyamuk tak gigit nanti. Bau dia wangi kot. Hmmmm... Kami mcm teruja sgt bila dh masuk sbb semuanya cantik sgt2 tak tahu nk ckp apa time tu. We just enjoyed the view together and having it wonderfully. Mcm terapung di awang-awangan cantik kot permandangan di sana. Ada mcm2 jenis tumbuhan kt sana apa yg kami tak tahu jadi tahu :)

Moment mmg aku tak boleh lupakan bergambar dgn dia. You look so beautiful sayangg even we dont take bath yet. Heeee. On that time we feel so relaxing, lari dari semua perkara yg penting sebagai seorang student. Kami pusing2 dalam tu tanpa rasa erti penat. Lagi2 si dia sebelum ni mengadu tak suka jalan2 tapi bila dalam tu dah tak ingat apa dah. Dia jalan bkn main laju lagi sampai aku pon dia lupa kan. Hahaaha, you look so energatic on there sweetheart. Excited sgt la tu sbb tak pernah kan pergi kat sana. That's our first time there and we enjoyed the God created and its so beautiful. We just walked around till found one giant swing that are so nice!! So we go there and take a rest for a while. The swing it so damn interesting and unique.

the swing that i talked it. Look, it so nice :)

Kami teruja sgt sampai ada orang nk duduk kami buat tak tahu je. Hahaha. Sgt relaxingg time tu dibuai alunan udara yg nyaman. Kami berbual panjang sampai lupa pasal perut yg dah berkeroncong ni. We talk about us and it so sweet sayangg when I'm beside you and look into your eyes, cheeks, face, nose and everything about you. I feel that we only human in this world. I'm speechless. Thanks for still standing right next to me even we just 2 months relationship. Love you sayangggg. This is my sweetheart Fatin Zulaikha :) She look so beautiful

How about the pictures? Is it nice right? I love that picture so much. You look so sweet sweetheart :) Love you sweetheart. Okay now I'm gonna share the place for our lunch. The Cafe called Tree Monkeys. Isnt have monkey there? ahahahaa. Nope its just the name only. The cafe is on the top of the garden because we can see the sea view and enjoyed the meal. Seriously the place is the attraction for tourist when come to the Tropical Spice Garden.

see!!! nice right. Everyone must try it when come to this garden :)

I think this fun! Because we taught that all people that worked there can speak Malay. But hahaha my sweetheart say 'boleh cakap Melayu tak" then she just like blurrr and say we speak English only. Hahaha. Time tu nk ketawa je sbb my sweetheart say in Malay. *gelak*. So our lunch on that time were so special for that day. Tapi ada orang tu tamak sgt sampai nk order dua meal nasib baik sy pesan jgn tamak bila makan. Makanan yg dia order tu pon tak habis dia makan. Mcm biasa la bila dia tak habis makan, saya lah org kedua yg kena habiskn mmg gemukk la nanti. But I love so much to see the way she eat. She looks so cute and beautiful. Thats my sweetheart ;)

Nasi Goreng Belacan Thai. Her food :)

And this is for me. Nasi Goreng Thai Seafood

After we enjoyed the food, we travel back to the hotel and take a rest. We're so tired on that day but I enjoy walked with her, see all the plants together, and having lunch together. Everything's is so wonderful sweetheart :)

Suka entry nie ? Like lah. Lagi baik komen sekali. Terima Kasih :)

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