" e x p r e s s i o n m y p a s s i o n o n f a s h i o n "

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jiran baru by mad luthfi

watch this guys !!!
he's toooooo cute ...
adore him very much,
an extraordinary guys i ever meet ..
simple and simply funny boy .
his mother was lucky to have him as her son .
he is currently studying at overseas if i'm not mistaken..
i'm fucking adicted with him !!
auwwwwwwwwww !! :P
check it out ....

jiran baru by MadLuthfi

the ugly aki by MadLuthfi

p/s ; i wish i could meet him one beautiful day..

to MadLuthfi ;
Good Luck

Suka entry nie ? Like lah. Lagi baik komen sekali. Terima Kasih :)

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