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awk, nie untuk awak taww . hehe

to Nurul Fatin Syahirah ;

The only mistake that's worth making is loving. :)

Its over. Its just over, okay? Theres no getting past it this time. You can't forgive him yet again. He had hurt you too many times. So please for once could you just make this easy, please just leave this sad thing.

Tired of waiting by the phone,
Tired of worrying about what you're doing,
Sick of crying yourself to sleep at night,
But ready to catch him whatever way he might fall.. <--but for me i'll not doing this. haha :)

When does love begin in one's life? Love neither begins nor ends. It is always in one's heart, and is revealed to the pre-ordained person at its pre-ordained time.

Do you pour your love on the one who cannot understand or receive yours? Then stop it!
How do you find out that one who pours his love on you is real, sincere and true? Study his heart?

Love is neither a garment nor an attire; rather, love is a virtue clothed with virginity and chastity. Love can nerver be expressed in blabbering and empty words; rather, love can be felt in silence.

Even if our 'persons' part, our hearts never part for they (our hearts) well beyond time. My thoughts and poetry are not merely fancy, but living expressions of my love for you, They are deathless.

oke. no more sadness in u my dear . smileeee and just chillax syg !!!

sincerely ;
Fatin Sakura

Suka entry nie ? Like lah. Lagi baik komen sekali. Terima Kasih :)

1 comment:

badutkepengg said...

aww tersentuh jap hati i nie.
sweet la.
thanks a lot babe (: