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I Pass My SPM With Flying Colours

Assalamualaikum and Hye Guys ~

First of all, I'd would like to say a very much thanx and syukur Alhamdulillah to Allah, Most Gracious , Most Merciful God for let me pass my SPM examination with flying colours result. Ouhh I feel like want to screamm and shout out loud now !!! Yeahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!! haha :)

Seriously aku memang tak sangke dengan result aku haritu. Even I just got * A's ( private and confidential ) but it's worth for what I've been doing before. Tu laaa sape suruh dulu tak struggle gile gile. Kalau tak mesti dpt more than that. Haha but it's okayh. Ihiks ihiks ~ Btw, special thanx to all my teacher that never feels to give up when teach this stubborn student. hoho. And also to my mother that always pray for my successful in this exam. I love yaaaa <3

More, I'd would like to thank to all people that keep wishing on me for " congratulations getting a better and very good result ". I'm really appreciate all those wishing from all of you. It just make me more stronger and give me a valueable moment for being remembered in my life. Huhhh tak saba rasenye nak further study. Fyi, I'd been dreaming off what I want to do when I step over to my new life as a college student.  Huhu dah ade lappy sendiri nanti bolehlah aku on9 everywhere. Doing my assignment at McD, lepak king and chills at Starbucks, meet all brand new friends. aigoooo super duper excited yaww !!!

Best Student SPM 2010 of SMKDMYS 
from left - Un Leng, me, Radziah, Ellyna, Wany, Ming Kai, Dean, Jun Jie, Adhihah, Nadz and Niesa :)

p/s - RM10 for one A's. if you got 9A's, then you'll get RM90. masyukkkkk!!!!

unluckily, dalam gamba nieh tak cukup lagi beberape orang kawan kawan kami. coz Pika, Raby, Biha, Anne, Shaheera, Atiqah, Farhana, Qasha, Ajoy, Syafiq, Amir, Man takde... ;(

ape pon, aq still nak wish CONGRATULATIONS to all SPM candidates wherever you from, whatever course you take, yg dapat result gempak haritu. really really congrates yaa !!! May God bless you and keep success in your life !! But for those who didn't get a good result, don't get sad. Maybe yours will came up in other way. Never give up yaa !!!

wootwoot tak sabar nak further study !!!! UiTM wait for me yaaaa :)

the ordinary writer

Suka entry nie ? Like lah. Lagi baik komen sekali. Terima Kasih :)


abah dan mak haqq said...

tahniah cik aten sayang...!!!!! <3 <3

amir said...

congrats on the result!

probably I should have done better..but instead i was too busy being a class clown.

well, serve me right. XD

mifirara said...

cogrates darla... :)

cik sakura :) said...

@abah dan mak haqq - hukhuk tengkiuuuuuuu :)

cik sakura :) said...

@amir - haha padan muka you ... kenape tak mao manage time betol2.. kann . haha btw, thanxxx buddy :)

cik sakura :) said...

@mifirafa - thanx kak myra <3