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UiTM Alor Gajah Melaka

Assalamualaikum and Hye Guys ~

This is a short entry from me :)

I just want to share with you here that I'm going to further my study at UiTM Alor Gajah Melaka by this Sunday. Yess this Sunday guys. 22 of May 2011. I simply dunno what to say. How I want to impress my self for going there. I hope everything gonna be okayh for me. Fyi, this is my first time ever in my life being separated from my mother. I dunno either I might be able to survive this life alone. Maiigodd. I'm not ready yet with all those campus life. Errrrrr. God help me please :'(

I got Tourism Management. And most of my friend, senior asked me to go through this course. Best ke ? Entahlah. Getus hati kecilku. Cewahhh. But then, I realize that me now was a University Student. Not school student anymore. pssst , " Ibu, anak ibu sekarang dah jejak kaki dekat Universiti. " :)

I dunno what else to write. Seriously I'm lack of idea now. Quite a long time I didn't managed to updating my blog rite ? Hmmmm :'( Ouhh btw, yesterday I went for a shopping ( not shopping actually ) but beli cadar * with moo moo theme * plus pillow tu kira shopping lah kan ? I got 1 head pillow, 1 booster, 1 buts pillow. Seronok lah akuuu tak payah beli bear to be my sleep partner nanti. Where ? Me with 2 of my cuzzy , Ajieq and Angah went to Jusco Tebrau City. They accompany me to buy my all those things errrrrr watever it is. Malas nak cakap. Yes I was wayy to lazy right now. Hmm :(

Then, the best part is..... when we went for a movie. Haha. We watched Priest. At first my impression was the story are not not not best at all. But at the middle part it's getting much interesting for me. Boleh  lah. Not bad. Ohhh Priest citer pasal ape ? Haaa malas lah nak buat sinopsis kat sini. Pergi Google sana. Haha. Then pergi makan dekat Johnny's. We ate steambot for 2 person but it was wayy too muai okayh. Not muai thai but muai. Argghhh pape je lah. My lazy are getting too much now. Fcuk off.

Hmm what else ? Ouhh guys..... aku betul-betul rasa tak ready utk campus life. Macamane nihh. Nak kene cuci baju by my self. Do everything by my own. Without my mother. Maigadd boleh bawak ibu tak dok hostel skali ? Please please . How I'm going to leave my mother here and I'm at Malacca. Jauh giler tuuuu. Aiyarkkk =.=

Take note :-

Please please don't steal my things okayhhhh my dear roomate or anyone who lives there. Please lah jangan curik barang aku. Watever it is, even my baju kurung or my underware even sliper fipper tiruan utk pergi jamban pon tolonglah jangan curik k. Nak pinjam boleh. But tell me first. Jangan maen sebat je barang aku. Well you have to understand, pampered children especially anak tunggal mcm aku nih tak pernah share barang ngn orang laen.  That's why I became like this. Haha so please. Okayh please. Tq.

the ordinary writer

Suka entry nie ? Like lah. Lagi baik komen sekali. Terima Kasih :)


si nada said...

hey . same dgn ak lah . junior lah eh . huhu . btw . follow blog ak balik , SAYACHINCHAN.BLOGSPOT.COM

penaberkala said...

good luck and all the best
jangan homesick selaku,wakaka